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Last Month, The Avery Schiff Foundation was able to go to the Philippines and spend 10 days with Frontline Philippines in San Pablo City, call it a working vacation, really it was a mission trip. We saw so many opportunities throughout the week where our Foundation could and did truly make an impact. We were able to give some Avery Shirts to children living in the poorest of poor conditions in Tondo, Manila and serve side by side with Frontline in providing food and much needed school supplies at several local schools. However, there was definitely an intervention on our day trip to the mountains, an hour uphill from where we were staying is the Aquino area, and while we attended the school and went classroom to classroom being greeted by some of the most amazing voices. AveryHugs will be sent to Frontline Philippines where they can produce the most benefit and they are prepared to more directly impact families like Lorraine’s.




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