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In Loving Memory of Avery Schiff

Avery Ruth Schiff
09/06/2004 - 03/27/2010

By Donating to the Avery Schiff foundation you are remembering Avery, and helping support the AveryHug program! Thanks again for your support and remembering Avery.

H.U.G. is the basis for all events and undertakings of The Avery Schiff Foundation.

Avery touched more lives in her short time on the earth then some people will touch in an 80 year lifetime. The goal of the Foundation is to continue to honor Avery and make sure that in her absence the world is made just a little bit better.

Thank you for visiting our site and helping make the Avery Schiff Foundation a success.

Check out H.U.G. News to find out about our current fundraiser and see how your generous donation is helping!  
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