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AVERY HUG PROGRAM - A Hug like no other!

Honor the memory of Avery!
Unconditional love!   
Give back!

           The Avery Schiff Foundation AveryHUG Program is dedicated to making small miracles happen for families with children who have been affected by any of the life experiences that Avery lived through. Avery overcame many obstacles over her 5 and a half years and we understand the immense amount of energy, time and determination it takes from the children and there families to survive and thrive through these circumstances.  An AveryHug will work with a family and another non-profit organization to fully embrace a family as they are in need. 

The Avery Hugs Program supports children with special needs, as well as their immediate families that face the many challenges that accompany the diagnosis and treatment of special needs and congenital heart defects. Our outreach serves children  that are being treated currently or have been treated not only within the United States but globally. An AveryHug is designed to meet a family in crisis mode right where they are at and take as much of the burden away. A customized experience that brightens the life of a child going through these incredible challenges.  The AveryHug Program also provides immediate family support for the  financial burden and essential needs.

**Because, The Avery Schiff Foundation is a donor advised fund we can not give directly to a family or individual in need so we partner with other non profit organizations to make our AveryHug's a reality. **

If you are interested in learning more about partnering with

The Avery Schiff Foundation,  or the AveryHug program

Please contact: 

Nolan Schiff

(312) 513-0836


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